If your GPS or website locator, such as MapQuest, does not agree with our directions from I-40 or I-55 please follow the directions below or contact our office at (870) 735-9770 for additional directions. South Loop Road is a fairly new trucker’s bypass road and has not been updated in most mapping systems.

Driving Directions

I-40 WEST (westbound), exit 280, turn left onto MLK Dr.

I-40 EAST (eastbound), exit 280, turn right onto MLK Dr.

I-55 SOUTH (southbound), exit 4, turn right onto MLK Dr.

I-55 NORTH (northbound), exit 3B, left at light onto S. Loop

*MLK Dr. and S. Loop are the same road. It changes names once you pass the stoplight.

Drive ~2.5 miles, left at 4-way stop go over levee . . .and YOU’RE HERE!


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